Who I like:

Joshua Ledet.
Heejun Han.
Phillip Phillips and Colton are on the fence for me.
Jessica Sanchez.
Hollie Cavanaugh.
Erika Van Pelt and Shannon Magrane... usually, but not last night.
Elise Testone... starting to be not so much. She always looks/dresses like the drunk, slutty sorority girl.

Who I still seriously dislike:

Jermaine is on the top of that list, followed closely by Deandre and Jeremy Rosado. Also on the hate list is Smurfette, I mean, Skyler.

1 comment:

Amberly said...

I agree with your dislikes but you have too many on the likes list. colton should be definite, and joshua is eh. heejun needs to stay for entertainment's sake. he's hilarious.