Snakes at a preschool.

We've seen the reptile guy before, and I'll never get over how excited he is about all of his disgusting friends. This fellow here is named "Sunshine" and J is still talking about him. He's like 16 feet long and weighs 150 pounds, and you couldn't have paid me enough money to touch him. The kids loved him, though.
And yes, J is wearing his Finny shirt AGAIN. If he is dressing himself, and it's clean, that is his shirt of choice EVERY single time.
J also thinks the reptile guy brought a "gorilla" - - - and I keep trying to correct him that it was an "iguana" but I don't think he believes me.


Alison said...

Haha! I have a post about this guy saved for today. :) I opted out of the party he was at and sent Jeff with Lucas. I don't like those friends, but the kids did!

Amberly said...

thanks for capturing senny! she keeps talking about these snakes, man, they were huge!

The Malone's said...

Love that he Loves that shirt. It will be a sad day when he out grows it.