Missing: Two orange sippy cups. Any idea where they could be? If you find one, please, wash it before bringing it back. I'm sure it's sitting somewhere full of very chunky milk at this point.

Wanting: A great banana bread recipe. Again, I was disappointed in the lack of flavor, as I am every time I make the stuff. Any tips for me? What am I doing wrong?

Needing: A new mop. I broke another one today. Maybe I should stop buying those Clorox Mops - any recommendations?

Looking for: Something cute and St. Patrick's-y to hang on my front door.

Liking: The children's museum. Manda and I made two super cute tooth fairy pillows today for free! She's a good little sewer!

Frustrated with: Josh and his stubbornness with eating.

Wishing: That our house will magically just grow a few feet, in just a few places, and then be picked up by a tornado and carefully placed down in a neighborhood behind a gate. Along with the Robinson's house too, please. And their pool.

Wondering: If it's realistic, or feasible, for me to go get a "design" job.

Loving: Our DVR. How did I ever live without it??

Hating: Whomever bought my children their first ice cream out of the neighborhood ice cream truck.

Ignoring: Any and all politics. If I don't think at all about the stimulus bill, maybe it's really not happening.

Intrigued by: Half.com. I listed a few random books in the last couple of days and already sold one - simple as can be - imagine that!

Blown away by: Allison Iraheta. Gave me CHILLS. Danny and Adam might have a little run for their money as my "favorite" idol.

Planning to: Start putting veggie purees in our food, a la Jessica Seinfeld. Wish me luck.

Designing: A mini album for March's scrapbook night. I think it's going to be great! Who wants in??

Bored with: Blogging lately. Got nothin' much to say, sorry.


Rebekah said...

I have a simple really good banana bread receipe. I can make you a loaf and see if you like it first. I let my banans get completly black before making my bread.
I think I would like in on the mini-book, for scrapbook night. I still need to bring $$ over for your dad.

jaust.me said...

I'm in for scrapbooking! I also haven't seen your sippy cups, but if I do, there's no way I'm washing them. lol