Say what - say what??

Gotta love the English language.

Last week, my 7-year-old got a note in tutoring informing her of an upcoming schedule change. Unfortunately, said note never made it home and said 7-yr-old couldn't remember what it said really, only something about the "12th" and the "17th". So, we didn't go early to tutoring last Thursday, or yesterday. Strange thing, though - this forgetful little girl ended up with tutoring homework in her backpack, which I noticed this morning. Conversation in the car went something like this: "Hey Allison, I saw your tutoring homework - does that mean we missed it yesterday??"

"YES - what does ree sum mean?"

"Can you please remember to bring notes home, so we don't miss it again?"

"What does ree sum mean?"

"Wha?? I don't know - how do you spell it?"


"Oh." No wonder we missed it. Tutoring must have RESUMED on the 17th. Funny.

Manda likes to sing songs, but she rarely gets all the words right. Today was her version of Baa Baa black sheep.

"Baa Baa black sheep, have you any more?
Yes sir, yes sir, three blacks more."

No matter how many times I tried to correct her, she sang it the same way...


The Dixon Family said...

Whew. Good thing it "resumed". I thought for a second she had to bring a "resume".

Lindsey and Adam said...

Funny. Cute kids. I especially like Amanda's version of Baa Baa Black Sheep!

Sandi said...

LOL, Tarzan and I just had a conversation about the English language--pangs and pains. He thought that was the same as bear and bare you know a homonym (sometimes refered to as a homophone--depending on how professorial you want to be.)