Running away.

Anybody want an extra little 5-year-old to live at your house?

Because she doesn't like it here anymore.

Everyone is mean to her.

No one loves her. Josh won't even let her hold him.

She wants a new home.

She wants to run away.

She won't tell me where she's going, though.

And she doesn't want me anymore, either.

I'm mean to her,

and yell at her sometimes,

and even put her in time out sometimes.

So now,

she doesn't love me anymore.

And she wants a new mommy.

She won't tell me who,

but until she does,

I'll have to keep physically restraining her to stay in the house.

While she kicks, and hits, and screams, and pulls, and bites.

This is not an easy task.

We're both exhausted.

Aaaah, the sobbing just stopped.


I'm so having ice cream tonight.


Ashlee said...

As bad as that sounds, it really is funny!

Sandi said...

I'll take her!!!

Margaret said...

ohhhhhhh I do remember those days!!! And following her around the block as she stomped away.....
with her cabbage patch doll because she didn't trust us with her. She will like you again..really!!

bryn said...

too funny. but i know tate would take his little friend in a heartbeat!

Laurie LC Lewis said...

I remember the time Tommy packed six pairs of training pants in a plastic lunch box and headed out the door to run away because I brought Amanda home. We love that story now, and so will you love yours one day. We do now. But you might not. Not today anyway. But another day. Today? Eat the ice cream. Great story!

Carlos said...

She sure is cute!

Nick and Amanda Long said...

You're hillarious - love your guts!

Staci Kramer said...

Hey Shellie, I can't find your home number but I wanted to invite you to a girls spa party I'm having this Friday evening at my brother's spa in Mesa. Its at Greenfield and the 202. Its two hours of spa treatments and pampering including a massage, a pedicure, a paraffin hand treatment and makeup. It costs 20 bucks. (no tipping allowed) there will be food and it should be really fun. Sorry about not giving a lot of notice, but I'm hoping you can make it. Let me know, I'm trying to get an exact head count, so the spa can staff enough workers. email me at stacikramer@gmail.com or my phone is 480-248-4719

Staci Kramer