Check. Check.

Two more things off of the "unfinished projects" list.

My NOEL blocks, finally.And Magnets. For ME this time. I used the ginormous marbles this time, from Hobby Lobby. It was a dream to be able to punch 1 1/4 inch circles this time! Love 'em! Emily S - I'm making some for YOU so you can have them for your next lesson!


Sandi said...

Shellie, I found out about using Mod Poge but what kind of magnets to you use? Mine are too thick. Where do you get the magnets?

Scrap Happy said...

Walmart - they're just little button magnets, about 1/4" thick. If you want them thinner I guess you could try the business-card size ones and just punch circles? Don't know if they'd be strong enough.