The countdown, breathing sawdust, and J's vocabulary

Nothing much has been going on here, that is, if you don't count the not one, not two, not three, but FOUR swim outings, playing monopoly with volleyball friends, twice, going to the "Hotel for Dogs" movie, running around at the church with kickboxing friends, twice, a trip to the Children's Museum, a trip to Costco with Mom, gymnastics, an excursion to the Tempe Splash Park, and a D-backs game... but of course, we're only talking THIS WEEK! No WONDER the girls have been so bored out of their minds, fighting and driving their mother mad!

Don't you feel sorry for them??


it's a shame that in just NINE short days all of this "boredom" will have to end!

{Insert maniacal laugh here}

In other news, my craft room has made significant progress! I want to wait to post a picture until everything is totally done... but I'm getting closer and closer...! Just one more power tool to borrow, a little cutting, a little silicone, and maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to load all my stuff back in this room! I'm envisioning greatness...

And in other news still,

J can TALK! Well, if you know what he wants, that is, you can sort of make out a few words... he's in the "identifying" stage an likes to mimic everything... "zu-zute" (Swimsuit) "Bo-bo" (Bean Burro) "Uh-Oh" (Apple) "Aaaaw!" (Off, as in his shirt), "Hat", "Buh" (Bug - he insists upon pointing out every dead cricket he finds until Mommy disposes of them), "Ha... Ha" (Hot) and my favorite, "Waaaer" (Water). Finny is "EEEEE", which also sounds a lot like what he calls "drink". "Mo... Mo" is milk, "Duck" "Shirt" "Duh duh" (Manda) "DaEEE" (Daddy)... and he can also identify most things on his face... "nose" "Mou" "Eye" "Ear" and "Hair". Cute kid!

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Sandi said...

He is going to get spoile rotten when school starts.