I'm tired.

Tired of the heat. Oh Mylanta - why do I live here???

Tired of feeling so broke, when it seems everyone I know has money to take elaborate vacations, go on cruises, buy Wicked Tickets, etc. I'm still reeling from money spent on food and gas from our California trip... either we never leave for so long again, or we figure out a much cheaper way to do it!

Tired of my home value plummeting.

Tired of watching our retirement funds waste away into nothing.

Tired of the free pass that this administration seems to get on everything.

Tired of these insane bills getting shoved through Congress so quickly that no one even has a chance to read them. Starting to worry about the pig population dwindling, what with all of the pork...

Tired of America getting distracted by Michelle's workouts, and ignoring what's really going on.

Tired of paying for the Obama girls to go on vacation.

Tired of double standards.

Tired of listening to the outrageousness of the big O's plans. How much more of my money do you think you're entitled to, anyway? I only give the Lord 10 percent - and you expect what, 40?? What the? And in exchange for that, you're going to exercise governmental control over how many more industries? You SAY that I'm still going to have a choice in my health care, really? How long do you expect private insurance companies to really last? Give me a BREAK.

Tired of my blood boiling. I guess, maybe, it's got nothing to do with the temperature in Phoenix.

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