Sunshine and happiness.

Just SIX more days. Hopefully my kids and I can survive that long.


On most days, I have an agenda that is full of productive things to get done, fun things to entertain my kids, projects to work on, etc. Sometimes I even think about meals in advance (I know, right?) and actually have an answer ready when I hear that horrible "What's for dinner?" question, and am ready for the subsequent whining and gnashing of teeth that goes on. Today was one of those days. I had stuff lined up to do at home, a list of items to return/exchange/procure from various stores, a fun scrappy project to start, a plan to be a good Mom and attend a PTO meeting, even had lined up arrangements for my kids to be watched for the evening - including the girls having a sleepover at Grandma's. Even had thoughts of ditching Josh with someone tonight so I could get to the gym.

Yeah. Not so much. Instead, I:

Was awoken by an angry little 5-year-old, who lost her first tooth yesterday and was QUITE annoyed that the tooth fairy didn't come (oops, she must have forgotten!)
Was crowded over in bed by same 5-year-old, now panicked because she had opened the box and now couldn't FIND the tooth (I can't tell you how many times it's been lost in the last 24 hours)
Assured her that we'd find it when Mommy got up and made the bed. Please, please, let me go back to sleep!
Was able to catch a few more Zs, and actually slept late because Josh did too (he's my alarm clock).
Jumped out of bed, but still didn't get the trash out to the curb on time. Dang. It's totally overflowing.
Combed every inch of my bed linens and carpet, looking for that dang lost tooth. Didn't find it.
Walked into my closet to smell... something. Probably a present left by a certain 2-year-old who likes to get out of the bath and streak through the house. I guess he marked some territory as his own... great.
Started laundry because I had no capris to wear today. Folded two loads of clothes. Thought about vacuuming, but didn't want to mistakenly suck up the lost tooth.
Made pancakes, which the kids barely touched... (what in the??)
Did dishes. Then forgot to turn on the dishwasher.
Finally pulled Josh awake at 8:45 to find he'd soaked through his jammies... tried to change him as he's eating breakfast... (I used to be a pro at diapering kids who were standing up - not so much anymore...)
Transfered laundry to the dryer, really hoped I'd have something to wear today.
Could he eat any slower today? Really?
Threatened, to no avail, and lost all patience by 9am, as no one would listen...the girls could not be talked out of taking their banks, of all things, to the movies with us to buy candy (can you imagine them dumping out hundreds of coins on the counter? Ugh)
Got ticked at my 7-year-old, who made us late because she was upstairs counting her money, making sure she had enough for licorice...
Put shoes on Josh. Buckled him in car, where he promptly took those shoes off. A never-ending battle these days. Put his bowl of pancake bites in his lap. Hoped for the best.
Finally left the house. Sheesh.
Dealt with traffic all the way to Mills, while pancake pieces flew up from the back seat, and the girls screamed, tickled, argued, wrestled, and basically used everything else they had stored in the arsenal to destroy Mommy's nerves.
Put shoes on Josh.
Rolled my eyes as I watched, again, the girls race to push the button to open the door at the mall. You know, the handicap button? Yeah, it's a HUGE deal with these two.
Tried to talk my 5-year-old out of throwing a fit about the button. Watched her sweet little brother collect her purse and water after she angrily hurled them to the ground.
Finally made it into the theater. Late. Picked up the girls' licorice and my Coke Zero on the way. (Hey, it was already one of those days, trust me, I needed it.)
Tried to contain my whirlwind of a 2-year-old during Igor. After he took off his shoes, of course.
Ended up exhausted, both of us covered in my soda he had spilled, and sticky with all the licorice drool. Fun.
Washed, then once again, put shoes on Josh.
Headed down to Ahwatukee, where I was actually able to cross a couple of the "to-get" things off my list.
Put shoes on Josh.
Watched J pick up his nugget off the floor at Wendy's and eat it. Yum.
Put shoes on Josh.
Exchanged stuff at Target. Looked for school shoes at Payless. Yep, by this time J was fit to be tied, as was I.
Headed home, where J threw a monster fit about taking a nap.
Started the Happy Birthday banner project. Had Manda help to paint chipboard.
Pulled Josh awake, put his shoes on, and headed to gymnastics. Again, replay scene from this morning, but with worse traffic.
Was at my wit's end by the time we got to Tempe.
Traded off with Grandma (thank you!) and started heading home, sans girls, to attend PTO meeting.
Watched as my car started overheating. Oh crap.
Pulled over, added fluid, started revising plans, making calls ...
Limped, stopped, waited, sweated, detoured around construction, stopped, added more water, got helped by strangers, waited, and limped some more until I got my car to the dealership.
Did I mention it was 115 degrees today?
Felt immensely grateful for Grandma, who picked me up, bought us pizza, found us toothbrushes, and gave us a place to stay for the night.

Spent 1 1/2 hours putting my kids to bed. Thought I might actually go deaf with all of Josh's screaming.

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Sandi said...

Toothfairy--you should have put your hand under the pillow with the money in it and pulled it out saying, you must have missed this. The tooth fairy left it. Since you missed the opportunity, a handwritten note from the toothfairy apologizing for the delay and leaving money and telling her that if she finds the tooth, she can keep it as a souvenir, or something like that.

As for the rest of it...