Girls Camp 101

It turns out, it wasn't nearly the horrible experience I thought it would be. I learned quite a bit, such as...

• Wearing close-toed shoes and jeans for five days is SO not pleasant.

• Skits that you put together the day of turn out pretty great. No need for crazy costumes or extravagant props. Ours can be seen on Facebook...

• There were actually a couple of girls who were completely helpful and pleasant to talk to, who restored my hope in that species they call "teenager".

• Oh, there were plenty of the other kind too, who whined that everything was too hard, refused to participate in activities, and ditched out on many things, hiding out in their cabins.

• If you leave any food outside at night, you will absolutely have little critters come a visitin'. Apparently, licorice does have a smell!

• Skunks like licorice.

• Trying to teach a partner dance at girls camp is a little ridonkulous.

• Demonstrating the "pop, lock and drop it" hundreds of times in one day is murder on the thighs, and not advisable. And will probably keep you from walking normally for many days after.

• Lomia can't really be called "camping", what with its cabins, cots, electricity, bathrooms, lack of campfires, and complete kitchen staff. The results of flat irons and eyeliners could be seen almost everywhere, on everyone.

• Many, many girls come from very difficult, heartbreaking circumstances at home.

• There is such a thing as an overscheduled schedule.

• A cabin full of women will stay up all night talking and laughing like teenagers, if given the chance.

• There is a distinct difference between the dynamic of those in charge, who have to play "the heavy" and the grunts who run around and do the work and actually interact with the girls... and I hope I will NEVER be a part of that first group.

• I sort of understand why Jackie likes camp so much... though I'll never understand why she puts so much darned work into seemingly silly details.


Carlos said...

You have just become a YW President material.

Collette said...

What is "pop, lock and drop it"?

Codie said...

Pop, lock and drop it? Is that a language that those born in the
90's only understand? Never heard of it but so glad you survived. How was Alaska??

Brie said...

I am pretty jealous you got to go to Girl's Camp! Young Womens is my dream calling! I loved being a sub teacher for the jr. high and high school kids, I deal with them much better than the kindergarten age ones. Weird, I know...

Margaret said...

This brings back memories of my experiences with the girls at camp....things never change. Glad you are back!!!

The Malone's said...

HAAAAA, you have now been trapped and its a proven fact that once you get into the PHX. Stk girls camp circut, you never get out (unless nursing or high risk pregnancy!) I knew you would eventually see things my way. I'm glad that you enjoyed yourself. I'm glad you came.