Monday's Musings.

Aah, I have a lot to do this week. Many, many unfinished projects I've been procrastinating. (Mostly because I read yet another Nicholas Sparks book this week! Somebody stop me!)
Patio table to be cleaned.
Downstairs to be mopped.
Bathrooms to be cleaned.
Sewing projects in need of attention.
A house in desperate need of a good scrubbing.
Weeds that need pulling.
Yard that needs trimming.
A nightstand that needs painting.
Wheatgrass growing project - learning how is required first.
A kitchen table that requires sanding, repainting, and polyurethane this time.
The girls' room that also needs painting.
A couple of vinyl projects to get to Lisa, and get done, finally.
Visiting teaching appointments to be made.
Dentist appointments to get to on Tuesday.
Follow-up chiropractor appointment to schedule.
Pictures to edit and send to print.
Scrapbook pages to plan.
Camera repair to call about.
Piano to be tuned on Wednesday.
Practicing to be done for the Primary's performance on Sunday.
Summer trip to plan and schedule.
Scrapbooking basket to put together.


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