Here you go Tara.

I met a slightly older version of myself while in San Diego last weekend - and she was oh-so fabulous. These pics are for her. Tara - I haven't done my album yet, but here's the photo I copied to make my stand. Mine looks just like this. Everything is from Michael's.

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Tara said...


Thank you for saying slighty. That was super kind! Do you really like what your future holds? Really, it's pretty good. I can't complain. O.K. this project is totally adorable, thank you for posting. I am gonna send this to my RS pres/friend so we can copy you cuties. Here is the deal, as you age, you desire to create, but it becomes more of a desire to copy. So keep up the good work so I can continue to copy you. Eventually my age might catch up to me and I will recreate projects I've already done and think they are totally new and inventive!!! Can't wait for that day. O.K. come back soon!!!!