Don't cloche your eyes - you're going to want to see this.

Okay, I'm in love with these things... my MIL has several that I was oohing and aahing over a few weeks ago, and being the lovely that she is, she went out and bought me one of my own. There's just something so fun and new about them, but yet sweet and retro too. Awesome. I finally got the motivation/inspiration today to put stuff inside of it - who knew dollar store ceramic birds and some spray paint could turn out so cute??
Here's my question - what should it sit on? Do I need an elevated stand? Do the birds need to sit on something higher inside of it? How about the white plate it's on, (I did that because of the white birds?) Would a clear glass plate, like my cake stand next to it, be better? Something silver and vintage-y looking instead? Oh, and I'm thinking I should turn the birds to face eachother - it looks like they're having a fight. Ha!
And the cake stand with eggs and moss... yay or nay? I kind of like it, but now I feel like I need many more cloches in various sizes and heights, to create a better vignette, not just two random ones... oh, what have I started. Looking on Ebay and Etsy, these things aren't cheap. *cheep!* Here they are together:

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jaust.me said...

So cute! check hobby lobby.