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To find reviews on books for A, because I can't keep up with her anymore and have no idea what she's reading most of the time:


And let me introduce my new best friends, Jake and Brett, who have a shop in east Mesa and re-finish furniture like no one you've ever seen. I didn't realize there was such a difference between joe-shmoe like me going to buy latex paint from Home Depot then slapping it on, versus the professionals... until I stroked one of my hands across one shelf they'd re-done. Wow, these guys are good, and they have all the knowledge and tools to do it RIGHT. Including the sprayers and LACQUER paint and such, and get this, they hand-paint many of the shading and distressed looks... it's impressive, let me tell you. I will be paying them to paint A's new dresser, not doing it myself. I recommend that if you have a piece of furniture you care about, and want repainted RIGHT, call them.


and this news, which you may or may not be aware of, the fact that Dave Meadows will now be teaching Let's Play Music here in Laveen! He's an awesome teacher and your kids will love him!


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Deirdre Eagar said...

The last few bookcases as well as a dresser i just painted are all done with lacquer. at Freeze Paints you can have it colored, or just buy it clear from HD. we use a $20 sprayer and the finish is amazing!!! Of course if you can get someone else to do it thats alwasy a +.