Well, it's about time for my narrative, isn't it?? I know you've all been waiting on pins and needles for all of my insights! I really did have to wait until all the riff raff was gone, though. Now that we're down to the top 24 (25?) I can post with my thoughts. And so far I've been ... Underwhelmed. But it is what it is, so here goes.

Reed Grimm... My favorite guy by far! I think he's got skills by far beyond anybody else on the show. Not sure I liked the maroon 5 song because I really don't like maroon 5, but I liked what he did with it. He's just so darn interesting... can't wait to see what he does next.

Adam Brock white chocolate... Shouldn't he be on a karaoke stage somewhere, or performing at a corporate event maybe? Always feel like he's missing something. Doesn't do anything for me.

Deandre makinmesick Fro dude... Yuck, yuck, yuck. I want a guy to be at least a little manly, please?? I cannot STAND his falsetto.

Colton Dixon... Okay guy, if you're going to do the indie alternative rock thing and have THAT hair, please embrace it and start wearing some guy-liner. Seriously, your look is just off. I'm still trying to decide whether I like your voice. Adam Lambert you are NOT.

Jeremy Rosado... Again, with the non-manliness. Yawn. Go home please.

Aaron Marcellus... Wow, this is the first time I've really noticed him. Great song choice. Definitely a contender! He might be tied for my "favorite" with Reed.

Chase Likens... Ugh, I hate country music, but he actually wasn't bad. Though he seems like the most generic country guy ever. No style. Steven pegged it with the Brenden Fraser reference!

Creighton Fraker... Needs to change his name... Love his story... the fact that he's a street performer? Too cool. I like his style and personality. He might be Justin Timberlake's ugly cousin, but I adore his voice. Also a contender.

Phillip Phillips... His twangy accent makes me nuts, and I feel like he is trying too hard to get that Kurt Cobain vibe going. I DO like his voice though, as long as I don't watch him sing while doing that whole pulling-his-legs-up-thing when he plays the guitar. Hey, I guess if American idol doesn't work out he can do Huggies Pull-Up commercials with his "potty dance". . I would like to see him go on though, and see if he can get over this little quirk.

Eben Franckewitz... wrong song choice, buddy. You just showed how NON-powerful you are. Thanks but no thanks. Stay poppy and Bieber and you might have a chance of staying longer. Pitchy too. For the love, please stop saying "one step at a time".

Heejun Han... I love this guy, he is hilarious. I also love the quality of his voice... And he's got a slight chance if he can lose the accent when he sings. Big fan though. Wait, are those lens-free frames? Really? Who wears those?

Joshua Ledet... Shall we call him Mantasia, or is he Tracy Jordan's little brother?? Or is he channeling James Brown?? Pretty good, no matter who he is! One of my favorites.

Jermaine Jones... Really people?? Awful. J-lo says you have a special voice, I hate. It. So. Much.

So my vote on who should be in the top 5? 1- Aaron Marcellus, 2- Creighton Fraker, 3- Joshua Ledet, Reed Grimm, Heejun Han, Colton Dixon, Phillip Phillips. Oh wait, that's seven... eek, tomorrow night's cut it going to be rough.

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Amberly said...

oh it's good we don't watch this together. reed may be a musical genius but the guy is a little mental or something. can't handle him. I like colton, although are none are blowing me away yet.