Priorities and Pointlessness.

Since I saw this, I've been thinking a lot about my own social media habits...

Four years ago, my main priority in life was scrapbooking. Recording the stories and photos of our family in books that I'd have forever. I was calling it journaling and family history and such... Permanent.
Three years ago, my priority was more about my blog. Hopefully, making sure that I was writing down important moments and thoughts and stories about our family, but mostly trying to record everyday life, cute projects I'd done, etc. Not as permanent, but at least somewhere I can scroll through posts and get an idea of what was happening month by month. Semi-permanent.
Two years ago, life became more about Facebook... barely posting photos, mostly trying to post something clever and witty as often as possible. Not permanent at all. Yes, there are photo albums but mostly... it's a lot of crap. It was then that I started doing vinyl quite regularly, and all scrapbooking pursuits went out the window.
A year ago, I got on Pinterest. Sheesh. Great online collection of "stuff I like" and "my style" and "decorating ideas" but wow, can you think of a bigger waste of time? It's a big popularity contest, too, with people "liking" your pins, "following" you, etc. But really?
A few weeks ago I actually signed up for google plus. Ridiculous.
Now it's all about Instagram. The most non-permanent way of recording life. Ever. Thie February-photo-a-day thing really made me sit up and wonder what the heck I was doing... when taking a picture of my front door was actually on my to-do list one day last week. Stupid. Pointless.

What do you think? I know at least for me, priorities need to change.


Amberly said...

while scrapping has always been cyclical with me, I have been feeling the itch again lately- perhaps I feel the need to get beckham's first year done before another arrives! yes, all I can handle is one year for each child! social media is fun, and keeps me in touch with people- it's not about documenting my life so much- and I think pinterest can go a few ways... many think it's a time-waster, and it can be, but it can also just be resource, a place to put stuff you want to remember if you can get over the idea of who is looking at it. who cares?!

Margaret said...

I love watching my kids grow up in my scrapbooks. I love watching my kids come home and look at their scrapbooks of when they were little. I love looking at my parents scrapbook, looking at their wedding, their lives,the original carter kids, remembering who they were. I love my grandkids looking through their scrapbooks when they visit.... my vote...is... scrapbooks....

Amber said...

I think you need to look at everything from this perspective...

1.)Facebook: Use it to keep in touch with friends (and I use it to share photos with family back home). 10-20 minutes in the evening... or whenever.

2.) Blog: A journal of all the things that are important to you to also share with friends and family (I find it so easy to copy a link for a blog post and email it to a friend or give it to someone at work if I want to share something specific). More time spent here.

3.) Scrap Booking: Do this for only special things to keep it managebale. Like the childs first year of life, or the year leading up to baptism, etc. I personally don't scrap book, but I have tons of photos in albums that my children love to get out and look at.

4.) Pinterest: Like Amberly said... Who cares if anyone sees what you like? :o) Use it for ideas.

I agree, though, those sites can consume you. I keep up with FB on the go with my smart phone. I am never on it at home unless I am uploading pictures for family back in Iowa to see. The blog, to me, is the easiest way ever to journal so I am really happy about that. I don't follow pinterest or scrapbook so I guess that keeps me sane :o)

The Doodler said...

I am starting to get sick of Facebook. The only reason I have it anymore is for a few friends that I still want to stay in touch with, but if we only stay in touch through Facebook how great is it anyway?

Pinterest I could honestly care less if a single person was following me or liking my pins. I don't pay attention to any of that. But I love it for ME. I've found so many great recipes that are now our favorites and lots of great ideas that I've actually used.

Scrapbooking- I was having the same thoughts as you the other day. I haven't scrapbooked a single page in the last three years and it makes me sad when I think about it. I know I'm going to forget some of those memories and I really feel the need to start again. Not to have super cute pages or the best layouts, but because that is my journal and family history and I want to record it. Like you said, permanent.