Do or not do. There is no try.

This is a work in progress,
but I figured I should
get them written somewhere.
My new year's
resolutions so far:

#1 - We will eat dinner at 6pm each evening. We will all eat the same thing at the same time. This will require "running out" of chicken nuggets, Easy Mac, and hot dogs, a whole lot of menu planning and time management on my part, and an immeasurable number of drama episodes and power struggles with Allison. Buckle up folks, it will be a bumpy ride.

#2 - I will complete two scrapbook layouts (four pages) per week. Hopefully this will get me caught up by the end of the year.

#3 - We will go to Southeast Asia for our 10th anniversary.

#4 - I will learn to like reading my scriptures, and make a habit of such. Thank goodness for the B of M course of study this year.

#5 - I will attend the temple once a month, either with my husband, or without.

#6 - I will cut less coupons, but remember to use more.

#7 - I will wear my Rockies and boots to our ward's hoedown in September. Meaning I'll have to weigh about 20 lbs. less.

#8 - I will be a positive person, and try to encourage others around me to be the same.

#9 - I will be more consistent in applying Love & Logic techniques with my kids.

#10 - I will keep in touch more, remember more birthdays, send more thank you cards, and do my visiting teaching.

#11 - I will learn to PAUSE. Slow down and live more consciously. Pause before I react out of anger to something my children have done, before purchasing something impulsively, before putting the second helping of food in my body. Pause to play with my children, pause to listen what they have to say. Pause to record my memories. Pause to ponder my scriptures.


Amanda said...

All or possible! YOU CAN DO IT!!!! My resolutions: Convince Shellie to fly out again and decorate my house and do some scrapbooking! J/K You are the best though and I kind of miss your face.

Janna said...

Love you Shellie!! I especially love the yoda picture :)
Great goals. I will pray that the whole dinner thing goes as easy as possible.

The Malone's said...

Running out of hot dogs, are you sure? Costco will be so sad that your aren't keeping their stock in order! But I say, you help me with my resolutions, I'll help you with yours. Deal?

Amberly said...

you're one ambitious woman, but these are pretty great resoutions. 2 layouts a week? you might just go through that stack of paper you just bought!

Becky Porter said...

Great resolutions, Shellie! Sorry I don't comment more...I do pop in about once a week to see what you've written :)

We should get together to scrapbook! Happy New Year and good luck with your great goals