Sally and I did not know what to do.

It's been a bummer of a week, with Josh sick, Manda catching something that will most likely result in yet another trip to the pediatrician tomorrow (SERIOUSLY, HOW MANY MORE COPAYS DO YOU ALL WANT FROM ME?) and me, well, they should just pretty much lock me in my room and tent the whole place to fumigate, I've been so yuck, for so long.

But a highlight...Allison read ME a bedtime story last night. The Cat in the Hat. All 60 some pages of it. She's amazing. Had a couple of problems with "would" "should" and I don't think she'd ever seen the word "tame", but all in all she did great! She even knew to lift her voice at the end of a question. Pretty cool!

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Anonymous said...

She is a sharp one. Last night, I read her a story and I found myself defining the word "stalking" to her.

It was a Disney book, I promise!