We drove, drove, drove. We were sick, sick, sick. Still, we had fun, fun, fun seeing family and friends. Saw Grandma a bit - my girls are absolutely in love with her.

Babies played. Josh sucked on everything within reach.Kids rang in the new year.Ice skated with my bro's family. Nick loved it too. My next feat is to get him rollerblading.Thanks Brie for hooking us up at the Peaks! Don't quite know what we were thinking here...
Cassie, Jake and Sam were wonderful pushing my kids around and around the rink. My back is tremendously thankful.My children adore my niece. I think the feeling's mutual.


Sandi said...

What an awesome, fun vacation. Sorry, I couldn't keep your kids. I really would love to. Maybe next time.

bryn said...

looks like fun. those are some great pics! :)