Sweet Service for our Service

Here is the list items requested by the troops. If you'd like to donate anything for our upcoming "care package" activity, please email me for more info.

Suggested items:

FOOD: Any ready-to-eat food items
• Kool Aid Singles (pre-sweetened)
• Crystal Lite Singles
• PRE-SWEETENED powdered drink mixes (Gatorade, KoolAid, etc)
• Vanilla wafers ('Nilla Wafers)
• Boxed or canned potato chips
• Canned salsa
• Bean dip or other canned dip for chips
• Canned fruit
• Canned tuna or pouches of tuna
• Star-Kist tuna "Lunches To Go"
• Star-Kist Chicken "Lunches To Go"
• Power bars
• Energy bars
• Breakfast bars
• Boxed or canned cookies
• Kellogg® Pop Tarts
• Trail mix
• Peanut butter in plastic container
• Jelly in plastic container
• Ritz crackers
• Wheat Thin crackers
• Rice Krispie bars
• Granola bars
• BREAKFAST CEREAL individual sized
• SMALL size hot sauce in plastic jars
• Ziplock baggies in snack, sandwich, quart, and gallon sizes. These are used to preserve freshness and
prevent damage from leaks, plus the troops re-use them to keep other items fresh and clean.

Personal & Hygiene:
(new, preferably in mfg packaging)
• Cool-Tie type neck wraps
• Foot powder (Gold Bond, etc.) (NEEDED!)
• Lip balm (Blistex, Carmex, etc.)
• Eye wash
• Travel size pillows and pillowcases (new only please)
• Twin size bed sheets and pillow cases (new only please)
• 1" paint brushes (to clean fine dust out of guns)
• Fine makeup brushes (also to clean guns)
• Talcum powder - small size
• Deodorant (men's STICK deodorant) (NEEDED!)
• Body wash for MEN - small size, plastic container (NEEDED!) — FRAGRANCE FREE if possible... or neutral fragranced body wash so men can use it.
• Mouthwash - small plastic containers
• Toothpaste (trial size is great!)
• Toothbrushes, individually boxed
• Hand Lotion - small to medium size
• Body Lotion - small to medium size - NEUTRAL
fragrance or fragrance free
• Personal/body wipes (or baby wipes)
• Band aids
• Shampoo (small to medium size bottles)
• Disposable razors, double or more bladed
• Shaving gel (NOT aerosol) (NEEDED!)
• Aftershave gel (no glass bottles)
• Nail clippers
• Eyeglass cleaner

For Female Personnel:
• Hair bands
• Hair clips
• Small mirrors
• Non-aerosol hair spray
• Hair gel
• Facial cleanser
• Facial moisturizer lotion

• Disposable cameras
• Hand held video games (poker, solitaire, etc.)
• Board games (used okay) up to 10" long box
• Crossword puzzles
• AA & AAA batteries
• Frisbees
• Dominoes
• Yo-yo's
• Stationery, pens, envelopes, etc.
• Beanie Baby-type small stuffed toys
(for soldiers to give to local children)

Please Note !
1. All merchandise donated should be NEW and preferably in original manufacturer's packaging, with a few exceptions as noted above items.
2. Please avoid donating items in glass containers.
3. Please avoid larger items such as quart size shampoo or large mouthwash.
4. Plastic containers are best, in sizes up to about 8 " tall.
5. The above listed items are SUGGESTED items to donate, based on input we have received from deployed personnel. Remember, there are many other things you can donate... let your imagination guide you as you shop for things a
19- to 40-year-old might miss from Home!


Finally, DO NOT SEND:
• Anything that melts (if you just must send chocolate, send M&Ms)
• Waterless Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer - generally makes mud, wipes are preferred
• Flashlights - Everybody has one and never gets to use it due to visible light discipline restrictions.
• Compass - Everybody SHOULD already have one attached to their Load Bearing Vest/Harness
• Sun Screen - already issued in mass quantities, drowning in the stuff.


Carlos said...

Man, they are demanding!

Scrap Happy said...

I bet 'ole Wick would love to donate a couple of Wheat Thins!