New Post.

My emotions have been from one extreme to the other this week - total highs with excitement, screaming, and fun at the Bon Jovi concert, to total lows with fear, sadness, stress and worry about Dylan, and crippling guilt about the whole situation... but I've decided that people must be praying for me as well as the Stephens family. Because for the first time, I can think about it without breaking down in hysterics. And for that, as well as the fact that I finally believe Dylan WILL get better, I am eternally grateful. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtfulness, and for the distractions provided me in the last couple of days. I have quite the excellent support system.

So on with the blog/journal, and a cute picture of my wonderful little boy, who I have held and appreciated and loved more than ever the last week. I am so lucky to be his mom. Even though he's started getting into my cupboards.
Upcoming will be the cute layouts made, and fun new products purchased (and introduced to Jackie), at the scrapbook convention, as well as Nick's Murder Mystery Birthday debacle, as I've officially named it.


Carlos said...

Next time we will do the Star Trek Convention--at least the cones will be on the heads of the actors.

*Amanda* said...

I was so sad to read your last post, knowing how you must be feeling. I am glad that you have a new perspective! You are such a great mom and nurterer, no doubt you would have done anything to spare that little boy from any pain! Onward and upward friend! let's talk soon!

Karen said...

I am glad you are feeling better, I have been worried about you. Next time you go to a scrapbook convention you will have to let me know, I think I want to go to one and see what they are all about. Thanks for the baby stuff.

Kim Rose said...

Shelly... we have been so worried that you would feel guilt. PLEASE know that our family loves you and would never place guilt on you. These things happen. When Dylan decides to go... he just goes. Any one of us could have been with him.
I am mad at you though. Bon Jovi and a CK Convention in one week? Not fair!
Emily said you love to scrap. Check out my web site when you have a minute. I would love to have you and a few friends join our monthly club. We have so much fun. www.expressthemoment.com
Thanks again for being you!