Enough of the talkin, let's get to the squawkin'

Bon. Jovi. Too. Awesome.

Aubrey may have wanted to gouge her eyes out had she gone, but SERIOUSLY, that was the most fun I've had in a long time. My ears are still numb, my voice is hoarse... Amberly and I saw a million faces... and we rocked them all ...


Jon Bon Jovi has seriously perfect teeth.

He also has "spirit fingers".

He has aged WAY better than any of his band members.

And he seriously knows how to work the crowd.

He apparently is an aerobics instructor in his spare time. We got quite the workout imitating his moves, and cracking up at them.

(By the way, the people behind us were cracking up at OUR moves.)

Richie Sambora is one of the few men who CAN pull off wearing a fuschia shirt.

And HE'S the one who sings "I'll be there for you." Did you know that?

Daughtry is wonderful, with a capital W.


Our seats were A.MAZING. Couldn't have planned them better if we'd tried. I can tell you that Chris had brown alligator boots on, and we had a prime view of "swooning yellow lady."

Seeing yellow lady swoon. I think she may not recover from this night. Ever.

Belting out every song at the top of my lungs. Bad Medicine, Wanted, Lost Highway, Raise Your Hands, Born To Be My Baby, I'll Be There For You, You Give Love a Bad Name, Bed of Roses, It's My Life... seriously, how can you NOT be a Bon Jovi fan?

The crowd singing more of "Living on a Prayer" than Jon.

Daughtry singing a duo of "Blaze of Glory" with Bon Jovi.

It was during this song that Chris pointed at me, I pointed at him, we locked eyes... and yes, I have to say it, we had a "moment." Amberly and Janna might try to claim that the moment was theirs, but I'm telling you, we seriously connected there. He gets me.

Hey y'all - send me photos if you got 'em, since I didn't take my camera!


Courtney said...

That is hilarious reading all of this because I totally can imagine how it was in my head with you there....I wish I had a secret video tape of you dancing.
PS...perfect teeth = veneers
aging gracefully = botox

Amberly said...

I wanna do it again. he's in vegas tonight... wanna go??

The Malone's said...

you know you made it sound so great, but again, I'm not too sad that I missed that one! I'm glad you had fun.

Amy said...

I'm in on the Vegas trip! Plus, you, Amberly & Janna are all mistaken...it was me Chris was looking for in the crowd!

Plus, I put pictures up, see if you can get them off my blog, otherwise I'll email them over.

I think we need to do that again...anyone else coming worth seeing?

Stephens Family said...

You all totally stink!! I wish I could have been there. Bon Jovi is my guy!! I love love love him!! Sounds like it was a blast!

Cameron said...

did nick go?

Anonymous said...

Yes. My wallet and I were both present at the concert.

Great food + Great company + Great seats + Great music = Great time.

My next gotta-go-to concert is Aerosmith.

Janna said...

I say ditto to Nick's comment on great food....
Thanks for putting it all together. I smile every time I think of that night! I agree with the Aerosmith thing. It would be fun.

*Amanda* said...