America has a lot of states.

This morning, I went to Allison's school for the flag ceremony. I didn't even know they did this each week (some involved parent I am, huh?) nor did I know Allison's class was going to sing! They performed "Grand Old Flag" and I was totally impressed at how well all of them knew the words. Sorry the pic is so blurry, my camera was on the wrong setting during the song. Then, 5 kids out of the class got up and read aloud their pages of sentences they had written about America (can't really call them essays, can you?) Allison's was great. She spoke clearly, but read really really fast. Her sentences included, but were not limited to: "America has a lot of states" and "America is full of builders, teachers, and bakers."

Funny. And cute.

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Anonymous said...

I had an exclusive performance in which Allison read her sentences and snag her solo rendition of "Grand Old Flag". She is a smart and talented little girl. She must get it from Shellie! Watchout American Idol, Allison will storm the scene in the year 2020.