Time for a list.

I feel like I haven't expressed my thoughts for quite a while, so I'm clearing out my brain here to try and get organized. Warning: probably not going to be an exciting read.

1. I feel like I have a lot on my to-do list lately. Yet I'm not accomplishing much.
2. For some reason, my right hand was shaking all day yesterday when I'd pick something up.
3. The weather has been GORGEOUS the past couple of days. We ate kabobs outside on the patio furniture last night and it was divine. I didn't want to come in.
4. My favorite hobby lately is to watch Josh walk. That kid is CUTE.
5. My craft room has been seriously neglected the past two months. I should be cleaning and organizing it now - but no, I'm blogging.
6. I'm on my fifth and final day of my antibiotic for a sinus infection. I heart Z-packs.
7. I'm aching to get outside to pull weeds. Probably not the best activity for a Sunday morning.
8. My girls have watched entirely too much TV the past few days. I've given them a lot of slack since "summer vacation" has officially started.
9. I would like to have a daily schedule of activities and chores written and posted - anybody do this? I'd like ideas.
10. I'm happy with the way my parents' 50th wedding anniversary invites turned out.
11. I'm looking forward to seeing my family in a couple of weeks.
12. I'm clueless as to how to decorate and set up the church nicely/appropriately for the party.
13. I really regret not being more involved in Allison's class this year. I always had a hard time justifying asking other people to watch my other two kids. I resolve to be better next year. Hope I like her new 1st grade teacher as much as I did her kinder teacher!
14. I'm having a hard time deciding how tough to be with Allison and her eating - or lack of such. Half of the time I'm too tired for the battle - and even when we hold strong, it doesn't make her eat anything new, she just goes hungry.
15. On the menu this week: Chicken salad pita sandwiches, salmon, taco salad
16. Allison won't eat any of this.
17. I have LOTS of pictures to edit and get printed. I also need to back up my photos on my hard drive, since I haven't done so in about 9 months.
18. I need about $100 more of CTMH orders by the end of June to finish this quarter.
19. I owe my parents the other half of Josh's "1st year" scrapbook pages.
20. Sometimes I really debate cooking simply because of the mess I know it will create, that I know I will have to clean up for the next two hours.
21. I'd like to be in a dinner exchange group so I have fewer days of kitchen messes each week.
22. I need to get the girls' gymnastics class changed, so we can sign up for swim lessons.
23. I'm not a fan of 1:00 church. We don't spend time with my inlaws anymore because of it.
24. I need a hair appointment in a bad way. Note to self: CALL LAUREN TOMORROW.
25. I've begun many scrapbook layouts in the last month. I don't think I've finished any of them.
26. I re-read my new year's resolutions a couple of days ago. Ha! I'm failing miserably at all of them.
27. It's not fair to have wrinkles and acne simultaneously.
28. I need to look for a good deal on Sea World tickets. Is there such a thing?
29. I'd like to plan a trip over to the children's museum in Mesa - anyone know what exhibit is there right now?
30. I need a shopping trip ALONE so I can go buy a new swimsuit and bra. I also need to get Josh a couple of hats, maybe with my Old Navy gift card.
31. I completely blew it for my mothers for Mother's Day - seriously, no gifts, no phone calls even. Very selfish, considering all that I got for Mother's Day.
32. I've been obsessed lately with food and gas prices rising, and the cost of power. It's created a constant nagging stress in the back of my mind - everything we do, eat and every time the air conditioner kicks on I hear a cash register in my head.
33. I've barely eaten any fast food the last few months. Exception: Little Caesar's Hot-n-ready. Allison WILL eat their cheese pizza.
34. I have a LOT of recipes, but I know not all of them are total winners. I need a big purge/testing/organizing thing to happen.
35. I'd like to revisit all of my Love and Logic books and notes and CDs. I see other parents handling situations that I know should probably be handled differently, so I need to make sure I'm doing things correctly, keeping my temper, showing empathy, and turning problems back over to my kids, instead of letting them anger me.
36. We were doing SO well reading scriptures, and have fallen apart the last couple of weeks.
37. To be continued... I need to go straighten my hair!


Margaret said...

In early June, I will get my posse together and make an order to finish out this quarter for you, all I needed was a little encouragement and see if June has a special... We are easy!!

Stephens Family said...

Ah Shellie, you are too funny! Your random thoughts are always entertaining. PLEASE, I will watch your kiddos while you shop. I only have one and Dylan likes having the company. Bring em' over and we will get some major walking done. : )

Janna said...

I loved your list!! I was thinking the same as 9, if you get any good ideas pass them my way. Also the phoenix children's museum is opening in 2 weeks. I am excited to go there. I would help you test your recipes, I would even be a taste tester for your :)