Strollers, Anyone?

Need help here! Looking for a new stroller! I want an inbetweener, not a full-size travel system-type, but more than a little umbrella stroller.

Must haves:
Parent Tray for me and my Diet Coke.
Kid tray for Josh and his bottle.
Big handlebar, versus two handles.
Canopy to shade the kid.
Basket below sturdy enough for my diaper bag, and camera.
Folds small enough to fit behind 3rd seat in my car. (??)

I'd appreciate any suggestions... I'm not crazy about the look of the Maclaren, the Combi is out, and don't even recommend anything with "Bugaboo" in the title - so doesn't have the features I want, nor would I ever lay out that kind of $$ for it.

These are both possibilities - checking them out tomorrow:
Like this one, except for the 2-handle thing (and I'm not sure if it has a parent tray or not)
Mixed reviews on the durability of this one...hmmm...Manda would have a place to stand and annoy me in my face with this one...I mean have a place to rest...


Stephens Family said...

Is the second one the jeep?? Yes, it looks like it. We just got it and I really love it! It is the perfect size and fill sturdy. Dylan has lots of room and it does have the mommy tray!

The Malone's said...

buy them all and let me know which one is the best.

Karen said...

I am thinking about the sit-and-stand one, so you will have to let me know what you find out. My sister-in-law has one and loves it.