Two more weeks 'til my birthday. I would like some "boy" toys that make noise, some trains or cars, and a new baseball hat from Old Navy.

My favorite toys right now are my sisters' diving sticks. I usually have one in each hand as I walk around, plus one hanging out of my mouth.

I love to walk. And I'm a pro at coming down the stairs. I know, such the stud!

I'm facing forward in the car now. I think it's hilarious every time we drive anywhere.

I'm officially a "snaggletooth" as I have four teeth now, and they're all different sizes/shapes.

I like whole milk!

I like to feed myself.

I am a good helper to mommy. I like to climb on and empty the dishwasher, and take the bowls and baking pans out of the cupboards for her. I hastily rid my highchair tray of any food I don't want. And, I like to strategically hold my milk bottle so it drips all over the floor. Hey, mommy needs to clean the floor more often anyway. I like to think of it as "motivation".

I like to be next to Mommy - whether she's in the shower, trying to cook in the kitchen, or on her computer in her craft room. I find things to occupy myself and make messes with no matter where she is. What can I say, I'm adaptable.


Sandi said...

Seems to me you are going to get whatever you want with a face like that

The Malone's said...

I'm not so sure Finn needs this kind of influence in his life!

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that he is already using his four teeth to gnaw on apples.

By turning his carseat around, we have allowed Josh to discover a new world. He is enthralled with car rides that don't offer the solitary view of his seatback.

He is such a good boy!


He is DARLING! What a cute little boy. Keaton's Birthday is Saturday - where did the year go? Isn't it fun!

Stephens Family said...

He really is cute! Seriously!!