San Diego

Just got back from a weekend trip to SD. MAN, that's way too long of a drive to make for just two days of playing! It was nice to get out of the heat for a while, though...

We spent Friday all day at Sea World (Thank you, Craig's Lister, for the excellent deal on tickets!) and really enjoyed it. It turns out to be a great mix of rides/shows, and animal attractions - - and totally my kind of zoo, as I am a total non-zoo person. Being able to sit and watch the multiple shows throughout the day was a treat for all of us. We spent most of the day on Saturday at the beach - and the girls got fried to a crisp. We forgot to take the camera with us that day, so no beachy scrapbook pages forthcoming, darnit!

Items of note:
1. Josh really likes Shamu, we discovered! Maybe he'll be one of those cool trainers someday... Here's us in front of Shamu's underwater viewing tank - we couldn't even get Josh to turn around for a picture!By the way, how great is Manda's face in this photo???

2. Decided it was very tough to negotiate Josh, his stroller, all of our stuff, drinks, sippy cup, and still take good pictures with the bulky camera all day long. Not a lot of pictures to show for the trip.

3. I was nervous that the first non-stroller theme park experience for the girls would be a very tired, whiny adventure, but they did great. Not as big of a place as Disney, though, so the much-less-walking thing helped.

4. I can't believe I spent $5 for a tray of dead fish to feed to the sting rays, and I really can't believe the girls and I actually touched those dead fish, but it was pretty cool. For as close as the rays were to us, Allison never did actually touch one. Funny.

5. After being used to resort-style accomodations elsewhere, it was tough to all be in the same hotel room, especially with Josh teething... We will have to make different arrangements next time!

6. Sand toys do NOT last more than one summer, apparently, when they live in Arizona. Everything we had broke while we were at the beach.

7. Seaweed isn't poisonous, right? Josh sure had a lot of it in his mouth...


Colman said...

Would you please destroy that hat so Nick can never wear it again?

Nick said...

People have tried, but to no avail. Wearing the Cap'n Jack is more than putting on a hat, it's adopting a way of life.

BTW, every time I wear it in public, I get compliments from complete (and normal) strangers.

Cameron said...

Hey cousin Eddie, those sure are some fancy-nice shoes you got there!

Nick, those people are being nice...lose the hat.

BTW - isn't that your second capn jack hat?

bryn said...

glad you guys had fun. we went earlier in the summer and really enjoyed sea world too. tate ended up going twice he liked it so much. glad you guys had a fun get-away!