Random thoughts.

Tonight is free root beer float day at A & W. Anybody want to meet us for swimming, and then free floats? Email me and I'll tell you where!

Josh is getting a little better about using a sippy cup. Hallelujah.

I will not buy bagged salad ever again, no matter how cheap or free it might be. It's always a disappointment and goes to waste.

Allison and Amanda officially wear the same size shoes - Allison's worn elevens for more than a year, and Manda's now in elevens too.

I get asked daily if the girls are twins. Who wants to place bets on how long it will be until Manda is the taller sister?

Pineapples are named such... why? They grow on something that looks nothing like a pine tree, nor do they resemble an apple in any way, shape or form.

I'm coming to the conclusion that letting kids watch TV while babysitting is absolutely not acceptable.

Yikes, it's time to buy those Sea World tickets.

Allison has started building little sculptures as presents for Nick out of Magnetix and blocks. Cute, and only mildly annoying. Josh consistently has the little magnet balls in his mouth, though.

Yep, just pulled another two out from potential choking. Sigh.

I wonder when Dottie's Kitchen is doing their peaches again? Last summer they were fab.

Note: you should never wait six months to catch up on tithing. Makes it difficult to write that check.

The house two doors down from us is being auctioned to the highest bidder... wanna be my neighbor? You'll have to get all the broken windows replaced, but it's got a nice floorplan and stainless steel appliances!

Allison tried grilled chicken the other night! This is HUGE, but has not been repeated as of yet... but can you imagine the possibilities??

Thanks to Aunt Margaret, I'm still active with CTMH for at least another three months. Ha ha... The July Stamp of the month is SO adorable, though, I will definitely be making an order for myself on July 1! Jackie, and Courtney, I think you both would like it!

I have lots of pictures to edit and print, and scrapbook pages to plan before Friday's scrapping at the church! What do y'all want for lunch that day??

Ooh - time to make VT appointments!

Amberly - Ashlee - is the glucose monitor deal still going at CVS or was that just last week?

I told you they were random.


The Malone's said...

I'm surprised you haven't already ordered my stamp thing and just given me the price I need to pay you. Love the random thoughts though. Plus I love that you had to pull those things out of Josh's mouth, we constantly do that on a regular day.

Carlos said...

Get rid of the little choker deals--you will never regret saving a life.

Always pay tithing as you go. If you put it off for six months, then you defer the blessings for that same amount of time. You might as well put off prayer for six months--but I do not recommend it.

If you put anything off, make sure it does not include sending pictures of your kids to their grandparents. That is a priority too.