Why I'm voting for McCain.

I'm not going to even pretend that I know 1/4 of what I should about the issues at hand, the economy, or the candidates. However, I can't sleep tonight with all that is swirling about in my head.

Why McCain?

ETHICS REFORM. The one thing I absolutely adore about John McCain, is his stance on wasteful earmark government spending. He is the ONLY. ONE. WHO. CAN. EVER. TAKE. THIS. HIGH. ROAD. on pork projects. You HAVE to love that. What the heck are lobbyists going to do with themselves?? {Insert maniacal laugh here}

(Washington might not get a lot passed in the next four years with his "Name and Shame" promise, but I'm giddy looking forward to it. Aren't you?)

TRUST. Though I'm not completely enamored with Governor Palin, I admire the choice of VP candidate considerably. She is strong, she is so NON-Capitol Hill, she is right on all the issues, and though she is hugely inexperienced in foreign affairs the point is that I TRUST HER IMPLICITLY TO MAKE THE RIGHT DECISION. I can't say the same about any of the other guys on the ticket.

ENERGY. Energy and oil independence? I think it's a pipe dream, but I think with Alaska's natural gas pipeline and McCain's willingness to "Drill here, drill now" that great strides can be made, if Congress will just let them. Holy cow, just let us build a friggin' nuclear power plant PLEASE!

And speaking of the environment, will everyone please just SHUT UP ABOUT THE WHOLE GLOBAL WARMING JOKE. I'm so over it. Thanks.

NATIONAL SECURITY. No one can touch McCain's experience or understanding of this. I know Barack hates that "the surge has worked better than anyone could have imagined." We will stay in Iraq until we're done - anything else would put us in danger. Hillary even knew this.

Barack - - "I'm not worried about Iran." What the H?????

If he is the candidate spouting "change", then why did Obama choose Biden as a running mate, an old time Washington cronie?

It worries me that Obama has a record of surrounding himself with some bad-news people, and then he's denied it, or tried to make excuses for them. This anti-American Reverend Wright character, for example, scares the crap out of me - it's amazing that he's got his congregation to listen to him for this long. "God damn America?" We deserved 9/11? Come on.

SOCIAL ISSUES. Obama's stance on abortion is just plain wrong. And scary. "I don't want my daughters PUNISHED with a baby." Are you kidding me?

Hey Barack - I believe in pro-choice too! Like making a choice of which people to associate with. Like making a choice of where to spend your time. Like making a choice whether or not to sin. People do not, however, have the choice to murder a child. Choices = consequences. Remember the plan? Apparently you voted for it ONCE, or you wouldn't be here!

Who is going to get appointed to the bench, I wonder? With all of the crap lawsuits in California, like THIS ONE, it makes me supremely nervous... If they get away with stuff like this, what do gays think they're going to force next? What if they demand to be baptized or married in the temple and sue the church? Ack!

Hey Barack, quit calling me "White folks"! I honestly believe this guy's a racist. He can't seem to get over the fact that he's black, for heavens sake. From his book, speaking of Malcolm X, One line in particular "stayed with me," he says. "He spoke of a wish he'd once had, the wish that the white blood that ran through him, there by an act of violence, might somehow be expunged." There is SO MUCH MORE on this topic. Holy cow.

And the lipstick on a pig comment? He's just a jerk on this one. Try backpeddling all you want. I'm not buying it. And by the way, Barack, you are NOT RUNNING AGAINST GEORGE BUSH. GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON.

Yep, McCain/Palin it is.


Codie said...

Can't I just write you in on the ticket for Prez? Love the ranting.

Sincerely, Raynie said...

I am with you all the way on this one! Not a fan of Barack's at all!!!

Ashlee said...

I love a woman who knows what she thinks!

Amy said...

Love it Shelley! You crack me up! I appreciate you willing to be loud about the issues you care about.

Go McCain.

Amberly said...

perhaps after I organize my thoughts we should have a little discussion. or, for the sake of our friendship, we shouldn't.. either way, great post.

brooke said...

Go--Shellie!! I agree with all you commented about Obama.

Now, I need to be convinced about McCain---

Ashlee said...

I think this article is interesting showing the entire transcript between Gibson and Palin.


To me, it is a reminder that we cannot trust the media to show us what we need to know when it comes to politics (and probably every issue).