Week in Review.

Been eating lots and lots of these.
Watched these guys totally biff it. Can you say U-G-L-Y?Cuddled with this guy a lot, not feeling so hot. Waited as he took a five hour nap yesterday.Witnessed some of this, along with plenty of the opposite.
Figured out how to make these. SO CUTE! Wanna buy one?
Canned this stuff. Anybody want a taco?
Watched these two in the Primary program on Sunday.
Gave in and gave this one her birthday dress a bit early. She has been a stellar example of helpfulness this week. Love her.Enjoyed this with the girls.Laughed out loud at this. YOU KNOW WHY!


Nick said...

Nice montage of photos! That was one jam-packed week.

Carlos said...

Yes, I am familiar with the term "peach fever".

the Painters said...

What a fun week! Love peaches...make a peach crisp last night at midnight cause I was hungry and our fridge was bare....
Love the girls...they are wayyyyyy adorable.
Love the 5 hour nap....wish mine would TAKE a nap.
And I LOVE the What happens in Vegas movie...laughed real hard when I saw it....
(kinda love that football player too. heeheehee)