Ten Years.

Ten Christmas cards.
Two States.
Three Kids.
Six Addresses.
Four Houses.
Hundreds of gallons of paint applied.
Dozens of fans and fixtures installed.
One riding lawnmower.
One double-wide!
Five cars.
Three car accidents.
Half a dozen tickets.
One cross-country drive with two kids.
Four jobs for him.
Three jobs for her.
Hundreds of thousands of dollars earned, and spent.
Lots of plants and trees killed.
Six preschools attended.
Dozens of vomit-cleaning-bedding-washing all nighters.
Half a dozen teeth lost.
Thousands of diapers changed.
Two potty-training marathons.
A few trips to the emergency room.
Dozens of callings held.
Dozens of Enrichment activities carried out.
Hundreds of Sundays spent in church foyers.
Seven temples attended.
Hundreds of family home evenings survived.
Thousands of movies watched.
Thousands of shared Diet Cokes.
Lots of trips to California.
One trip to Palmyra.
One trip to Independence.
One trip to Philadelphia.
One trip to Hawaii.
Two trips to New York City.
Thousands of scrapbook pages created.
Millions of laughs.

Here's to eternity. I love you, babe.


Ashlee said...

Nice list! Congratulations!

Margaret said...

Happy Anniversary!! 10 down and Eternity to go!! It will just get better and better with each new year!!!

Holly and Ryan said...

Fun idea. I loved seeing your wedding pix. Happy Anniversary!

Holly and Ryan said...

Fun idea. I loved seeing your wedding pix. Happy Anniversary!

Carlos said...

And four great in-laws. Sorry I forgot to mention them.

Love, Shellie

Karen said...

Hmmm, I was there in two of those three pictures! Great memories! I certainly think you made a good choice those 10 years ago, when you let Nick join our family, and Nick, well you couldn't have chose better! Love you guys!

Nick said...

Five seasons of Alias
Three seasons of Heroes
Lots of Mexican food
A little Thai food
NO Cambodian food!
Zero trips to Cambodia
One fantastic set of in-laws (including the whole lot of Scotts, Ferrins & Christansens)
Countless trips between Phoenix and Scottsdale, Show Low and Safford
One exalting temple covenant
One sweet wife
Three exceptional children
One eternal family
Thanks for saying yes 10 years ago!
I love you.

Nick & Amanda Long said...

Happy Anni-vis-a-versary!! Still cute as a button!!