To Do, this week

I can't even believe how glamorous my life is sometimes...

Catch up on sorting coupons
Finish advent clipboard
Get gift out of attic for b-day party
Sew my aprons
Probably ask Deirdre's help to sew my aprons
Clear off dining room table
Work through the clutter in my craft room
Dust? HA!
Pack the kids for the weekend
Wash/vacuum car
Get lawnmower fixed
Get back porch/garage cleared and organized
Work on FHE kits
Take stuff to school for rummage sale
Figure out Christmas card design
Send box o' baby stuff to Amanda
Send Allison's school pic to Nonnie
Call customer service re: unworking Visa
Get TIVO set up. Call Qwest/Direct TV.
Go shopping for new cell phones/new cell phone company - anyone have any suggestions?

1 comment:

Nick & Amanda Long said...

Have I told you that I love your guts lately?!?! You are thinking of me and baby when you have a million things going on?!? You're the best!