Girls Night #1

Quick recap:

I can't figure out why all the judges like Paige so much. So not impressed. She must have been WAY better in Hollywood week.

Ashley Rodriguez - should so go home. We shall see...

Janell - All American blonde girl next door. I love her look, and thought she was amazing during H.W. I agree, though, that this wasn't her best type of song.

Lilly Scott - I LIKE her, she's odd, I know, but I think she could do some really, really cool things on Idol. Hope she stays.

Katelyn - "Fro" girl has a way better voice than I remembered. I like her too.

Haeley - the black country singer? Ouch. Her song was painful to listen to, I had to look away from that ginormous smile a la Julia Roberts. I predict that she'll stay this week, but won't make it to the top 6 girls.

Redhead, over-made-up Lacey - ugh, could she have been more off pitch on this song? Couldn't wait til it was over. SEE YA! She'll for sure go home this week.

Michelle Delamour - or should I say, Whitney's little sister? (Am I the only one who thinks she looks like her?) Her smile seems too fake, like she's always posing for a camera, versus actually being happy. Her song was very, very good though. I liked it.

Didi - The cryer. This was so, so, so NOT my type of song, but I think she could do well. We'll see if she stays around to prove herself to me.

Siobhan Magnus - Wow, what a name. I think her "Wicked Game" song was quite good (or was I just reminiscing high school days? Sigh...) I'm looking forward to what she'll do next.

Crystal Bittersox, oh, I'm sorry, Bowersox - has never watched Idol before, she just wants a bigger paycheck. I'm having a flashback from Cruella last year. And no matter how good she is, I'm turned off from the very start.

Katie Stevens - I think her voice is amazing, though at 17 I'm not sure she's matured to even know what kind of songs she SHOULD be singing... talk about lots of potential though!

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Alison said...

I totally think those 2 girls look like sisters! Especially when they showed them sitting on either side of Ryan. And Katelyn's makeover was horrible - they turned her from cute good singer so horrible trashy lounge singer trying to make a couple bucks. I did like Katie - although she's so young - she'll do great things!