Stuff I love, days 1, 2 and 3

This LOVE challenge extended by Amberly coincides with my new FITNESS challenge, so all I've been thinking about the first three days of the LOVE challenge have been things I'm not actually partaking of because of the FITNESS challenge - ugh, I will try to dig a little deeper, though, than my Coke Zero and chocolate obsessions.

Anywho - on to the OTHER things I love.

1. My 2-yr-old. Wow, does this kid bring sunshine and joy and fun everywhere he goes. He is quick to grin, loves his blankets, and still takes a nap, thankfully. His latest thing is to answer in mimic anything you ask him, but of course saying "NO" first - like "J come sit at the table and eat your dinner" to which his response is "No sit table eat deer!" in a short, staccato, harsh tone. SIGH. It's almost too cute to get mad at him.

2. American Idol. Obviously! This time of year is always exciting, with the crazy people auditioning, seeing amazing talent for the first time, learning about everyone's backgrounds... I'm ready for Hollywood week to start!

3. Exercise. Yep, it's definitely in the "love" column on any love/hate list I would make. I'm blessed to be able to pretty much do anything I want without any pain, and love to get the endorphins flowing. Whether I've changed my body at all in the last couple of years is a questionable, but I'm okay with that. Love being able to watch my favorite DVR'd shows while I run nowadays, too!

So - your turn! What do you LOVE this month?

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