Guys Night #1

You know, if my DVR had not recorded the first half of Idol last night, that would have been just FINE. I didn't like the first six guys AT ALL. UGH. So with the girls, the judges totally wanted them to bring new arrangements to music, show something new, and with the guys, they wanted them to stick closer to the original songs. MAKE UP YOUR MINDS!

Todrick Hall? I think he has potential but that Kelly Clarkson song (song? can you call it that?) was just bad. BAD. At least he held my interest, though, unlike

Aaron Kelly. WHAT do the judges see in him? I don't get it at all. I mean, are they trying to sell him as another Archuleta? Sorry, he's SO not.

Jermaine Sellers - why, oh why, did he pick that song? Same thing for John Park, hello- these are hip, young college-age guys and I can't figure out why they'd pick such old, dull songs!

Tim Urban? STOP trying to be Zac Efron, dude, with the hair. You're so not hot enough. I love that song, but oh, my, you could NOT sing it.

Joe Munez - I kept waiting for him to break into Spanish. The verses were fast, and at times I thought he DID, actually. His eyes are weird and intense for me, and I don't at all like watching him sing.

Tyler Grady - didn't like him in audition, still don't like him. We'll see if he can get out of the 70s next week.

LEE DEWYZE - FINALLY, somebody showed up! Thank you! Love, love love his voice - though he's received almost zero face time on previous shows... what's his story, anyway? I think he's got a bit of a Kurt Cobain-ish mumbling issue, though, I find myself thinking "What did he just say?" I'm really surprised the judges haven't mentioned it yet.

Michael Lynch - I like his personality too, but his nasally voice doesn't do anything for me. Maybe we can get him some kind of sinus surgery to fix it? Hmmm... he's a big, fun teddy bear, isn't he?

Alex Lambert - well, he's no Adam Lambert, is he? His mullet deeply disturbs me. And I'm not terribly fond of his voice. Couldn't wait for it to be over...

CASEY JAMES - oh, wow, finally, thanks again for redeeming this show. He was GREAT. I thought it was totally rude of Kara to be swooning when he came on stage, though - I think it distracted him from his performance.

Andrew Garcia - last night he was only so-so, but I think he has a great act that I'm looking forward to seeing again.

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