Stuff I love, lots of days behind.

4. My middle child. She is such a sweetheart to her little brother. She's made up a behavyur (her spelling, not mine) chart for him, and asks me every day if he was good or bad - then she puts a sticker on the appropriate day. She is a fantastic helper in the kitchen, and with any crafts Mommy is making, and with jobs around the house. "Sure Mom!" can often be heard coming out of her mouth. She has deemed herself the "official taster" in our house, and gets the first bite or drink of whatever Mommy is making to make sure it's good. She is a huge fan of smoothies and of dipping broccoli and carrots and raw spinach in ranch dressing. She is a huge fan of eating most everything, actually. Her eyebrows raise to an impossible height and her eyes get WIDE as can be when she animatedly tells you a story about something that happened at school. Usually accompanied by her voice amplifying hundreds of decibels, as well. She is an excellent student in school, and gets 100% on almost every assignment. We talk about her "smarty pants" that she must be wearing all the time, to get such good grades at school. She is funny and clever and silly and sweet and thoughtful and smart and I LOVE HER!

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