Love month - 15, 16, 17

I love the way J runs when he's on a mission, especially when at the grocery store. If he sees a "car" cart, we absolutely MUST procure it. Today he spotted one just after getting out of the car, and raced with all his might to get in and get behind the wheel. He also jumps out of the cart and bolts to the lobster tank when we near the back of the store - he insists on having me lift him up so he can see them up close and say "hi" to his little friends every time we go.

I love the way J jumps off of things with both feet, and the way he gallops along beside me.

I love when J cruises around on his Big Wheel. He has to really stretch with his toes to get those pedals to turn all the way around, but he's gotten quite good at it, and can go pretty fast. He's actually great at steering and turning corners. He loves to ride down to "Sahyee's hou". I love that he tries to carry his treasures on the back.

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