Coming out of the fog, random thoughts

Well, it HAD been about six months, so I guess it was time for me to get an ugly sore throat again. This one didn't quite knock me out as much they usually do, but it sure has put a cramp in my style the last few days. A Z-pack is getting me back to normal today, thank goodness, because my house is a SIGHT and seriously needs some attention!  Anybody want to come fold and put away the four loads of laundry on my bed? Come on, I know you just can't wait to come clean all my bathrooms.....

Yes, I have continued to work out every day, (I have to! We're in the middle of fitness challenge! Hello!) but my intensity has sure gone down the last couple of days. Hopefully I will be back up to speed (literally) tomorrow. After doing a P90x workout on Monday, my arms are almost back to normal. MAN, they were hurting yesterday, and I could hardly lift my sewing machine, let alone J. Need to do those DVDs more often, methinks!

Started (and mostly finished) my bandana tablecloth last night - turns out I'm a REALLY slow sewer compared to Jackie. It's red, white, blue and cute! I love how casual it is, and how it fits my table so well, but the green chairs next to it look ghastly! Oh well. Now if I can ever get around to ironing it...

The girls have their first official swim meet tomorrow! I'm excited to watch how they do. A will be one of the oldest in her age group competing, so I have high hopes for her. And I'm hoping M can start swimming straight so she doesn't run into her opponents!

I'm in the middle of the first Percy Jackson book, and loving it - seeing the movie first was definitely a good idea, except now I have an image of Percy being much older than the 12-year-old he is in the book.

I love free activities for my kiddos. The girls are taking a free art class through the city every Monday, it's taught by an art student and they're having a good time playing around with charcoal and conté and learning about space, lines, etc. Since J & I sit in the sidelines during the class too, we're all learning a bit!  A is also taking a free "cub club" class at the pool for the next month; they practice different strokes and play games - yesterday they played "Sharks and Minnows".  Today we went to a puppet show at the library - I always love the summer activities they have going on!

Okay, time to stop procrastinating dinner, since it's after 6 now - peace out

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Staci Kramer said...

You need to get your tonsils out! John used to get tonsilitis or strep every six months until we yanked those suckers out. If you need a good ENT we loved Dr. Gonsalez.