My kids

have been watching the Prisoner of Azkaban movie in the car for the last few days. Maybe that's the problem, that they only are getting a few minutes at a time, as we run from here to there, because they JUST can't seem to grasp it. I've explained how Scabbers is actually Peter Pettigrew but no one knows he's an animagus half a dozen times - why Peter betrayed Harry's parents, what "betrayed" actually means, that Sirius isn't actually a bad guy, he was friends with Harry's parents but he was sent to Azkaban because everyone thought he killed Peter, what a dementor is, why Professor Lupin is dangerous when he transforms into a werewolf... I really hope they don't start trying to figure out Hermione's time turner, and the fact that there's two Harrys and two Hermiones at the end of the movie... but not really... my patience is wearing thin...maybe we should stick to simpler movies and avoid Harry Potter for now!

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