Happy Father's Day

I know, I'm many days late, but this post has been in my head for a couple of weeks now. Can I just say I LOVE the men in my life?

#1 - My dad is the most knowledgeable person I know, whom I call almost weekly with a new question about something wrong with my car, a request for a new wooden project I want him to build, or asking for help for one thing or another. He's the BEST. I'm sure most of my friends have seen his handiwork in one aspect or another of my house - whether it be a wooden bowl, shelves in my pantry, my FHE magnet board, M's cute nightstand, faucets that he helped me install, plants that he helped me plant, awesome game board frames hung in my loft, or my ENTIRE craft room.  Let me tell you, Dad, they are all jealous!  I feel like I can accomplish SO many more things when he's around - nothing is impossible! I really, really miss him coming up to visit every 2 weeks - darn that Gila Valley temple being built...! His hands are strong, his driving is slow, his snores are loud, his heart is big, his tear ducts are loose, and he's honestly the best Papa ever! Thanks for always being a great example to me. Love you dad!

#2 - My second dad, Poppy los Carlos. He's a pretty smart cookie himself, who is either teaching me something, making me laugh, (or at least making me roll my eyes). It warms my heart to see him interact with my kids. Every time my girls learn some new joke or trick they can't WAIT to try it out on Poppy. He is generous, thoughtful, and willing to bend over backwards most times to accommodate his kids and grandkids. He has a great relationship with each of his kids, he loves gadgets and toys, he loves a good meal, he is a good teacher, he tends to overcook things on his barbecue (but he makes the BEST PRIME RIB I've ever tasted), he yodles, he's funny, he goes on bike rides with his kids, he always comments on blogs and Facebook posts, he's got a great memory and a spectacular knowledge of the scriptures, and we love him. Thanks for being our poppy, Poppy!

#3 - My one and only, hubby dearest. He works himself into exhaustion every day between running around with his basketball buddies in the wee hours of the morning, working all day solving other people's problems and making his bosses look good, serving diligently in his calling, and finally coming home to get attacked by our kids and to do my bidding. He is smart, and tries to be everything and everywhere for everybody. He's an entrepreneur at heart who never has time to build his idea because of all of the previous. He loves the Drudge Report, he's always snacking on trail mix, he loves lounge clothes (who doesn't?), he eats Granny Smith apples all day long, he loves to negotiate and score a good deal, he's always looking for an excuse to buy our kids pizza because he wants some too, his hands are permanently attached to his Blackberry with him emailing somebody, about something, he's clever and funny (though A said yesterday that MY jokes were better, haha!), he loves food so hot it makes him sweat, he only complains sometimes when he has to fold clothes on his side of the bed at night, his haircut is always shorter than his wife would like, he's as cute now as the day we got married (except for the too-short-hair thing), he makes pancakes for our kids every Saturday while Mommy sleeps, and he's by far everyone's favorite person in the house.  This week his project is to buy himself a new car, that meets all the requirements that his fickle wife wants. Wish him luck.  Love you babe -

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Carlos said...

He yodels? That is one of the most sought-after talents ever!