Grateful Month - The first few days

1. The other Vinyl Chick. Everyone should have a friend like Lisa. She threw one heck of a Halloween party over the weekend, complete with trick-or-treating and all the gross-out food you can imagine. (I made the vomit myself - it was fantastic!)
Not all invitees showed up, but it was still fun, even though N slept on the couch through most of it. We played a game of Atmosfear (an old college favorite) until I could barely keep my eyes open, but at least I WON, and the kids all went home with gobs of candy. I woke up the next day weighing 7 pounds more than I did the day before. - no lie. But seriously, I am so grateful that Lisa's now in the Valley (albeit on the whole other side of such from me) and that she's willing to hang out and do any and all projects on a moment's notice. She loves to go all-out for every event, and is so fun to be around!

2. SRP. Although they keep my hubby from us way longer each day than I would like, they are about the most stable place that we can be, and they have treated N pretty well the last month, including a promotion and two raises, with one more possibly on the horizon next month. (!)

3. J - oh man, does my little guy make me smile. He has lots of opinions on things nowadays, and his memory is shockingly good. He loves to hide, and then jump out and shout "BOO" at the top of his lungs when Daddy is walking in the door from work each night. When we are getting in the car to go somewhere, he usually runs out into the driveway, or the front yard, and literally runs in circles "I running round, Mom!" a few times before he gets in the car. Funny, except when we're late. Here he is very intently decorating his pumpkin with foamies.
This mound is J and Finny hiding from me under a blanket on my bed.

4. Today I'm grateful that
I got my errands run no sweat
I got to go to the grocery store without J
I finished a few more vinyl projects for our craft fair next weekend
I got most of the Halloween decorations got put away and Thanksgiving mostly put out
A got a new wire put in her braces
Alison and Sara recommended Melatonin to me, and it's been much calmer around here at bedtime for a certain 7-yr-old.

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