Dear Santa, *EDIT*

or the anniversary fairy,
or the birthday fairy,
(or any of the above)

I would like, in no particular order, one of these lovely camera bags:


and one of the big-bag versions of the Miche bag, along with a couple of shells - I think the "hope" and the "delilah" and possibly the "lexi"


and this software program to use with my Cricut, "Sure Cuts a Lot"


along with a few colors of vinyl to play with,

and oh, still wanting my carpet cleaned in a bad way,

and I would love a weekend away with my hubby somewhere...

You can fit all that in your sleigh, right?

1 comment:

Amberly said...

pictures. I need pictures of these things! well, not the weekend away... I can imagine that one. but the bags, I need to see them!