Life is good.

I am grateful for my kids. They are smart, and fairly well-behaved, and funny. I don't need to mention that they are super cute.  J likes to bring me flowers he picks out of the yard sometimes. The last time he brought me two bright red hibiscus flowers, handed them to me "Here Mom! They are for you."  and then,  "Don't die them." Ha!

I am grateful for my talents, and my many projects going on. (My husband is not quite as grateful for all of my many projects going on, however.) We survived our craft show this weekend, and I think we did okay selling at least some of our stuff . Still need to figure out if we broke even, though.   : )  We are looking forward to doing other sbows and boutiques in the future.

I am grateful for Finny. J has such a good time with him.

I am grateful for Arizona weather. It ROCKS right now.

Had a great workout this morning thanks to Cindy. Tomorrow morning, when I can't walk or lift my kid, I just may change my attitude, though.

I am grateful for my family, and for my husband's family. Everybody is funny, and fun to be around. My kids play wonderfully with their cousins.

Soup is awesome. Please send me your favorite soup recipe - I want to find some fun new ones! My mouth is watering thinking about Aubrey's potato-apple soup I had yesterday. Yum. I could totally eat soup every day.

Projects on the horizon:  getting shutters installed in the playroom this week, visiting Deirdre and Oakley, half a day of school on Wednesday, getting ready for the school fall carnival on Friday night, coordinating family pictures sometime in the next week or so, a couple of custom vinyl orders to get ready, designing an ad for Justin, finishing the painting in the girls' room, getting hair cuts for my girls, making a scrapbook for some friends who are moving away, figuring out my Christmas cards and sending them out, finishing sewing J's quilt and setting up his twin bed, getting my carpets cleaned, planning my birthday party...


Amberly said...

a scrapbook for someone moving away? I don't recall getting a scrapbook for moving away. hm. I miss cindy and her workouts.

Staci Kramer said...

Chicken & Dumlin soup ...boil a chicken, debone and skin the boiled chicken, save the water. return meat to water, add carrots, celery, chopped onion, etc. (whatever you like in soup. Cook till veggies are almost done, bring to boil, add little pieces of canned pillsbury biscuit dough by dropping them in individually. They puff upend rise to the top. let all of the dumplings cook for another five minutes. Remove from heat. Then add salt and pepper, some rosemary, and at least a half cup of heavy whipping cream. This is the easiest chicken and dumplin soup ever and its almost impossible to mess up. You just add whatever sounds good. and spice it however you like. It always turns out yummy and it pleases adults and kids