Grateful - the next few days.

1. Grateful that our little craft show is almost here, because I'm tired of making stuff! I figure whatever gets done, gets done, whatever does not, no one will ever know we intended to do it. Right?

2. Grateful for my treadmill, which enables me to burn at least a few calories a day and keep current on all my TV shows. (By the way, have you seen the show on DIY called "House Crashers" ?  The host, Josh Temple. is my new TV crush!)

3. Grateful that two of my children are asleep in bed, and that the third is not bugging me at the moment.

4. Grateful for Jackie, who is always willing to watch J for me at a moment's notice, pitch in on projects, and has pudding when I need it to borrow. And also, grateful for Finny, who is hands-down-J's-favorite-person. He wonders about him, and talks about him, all day long. When I was tucking him in he asked me if Finny was asleep in his bed too? Sweet.

5. Grateful for the weather. I wore a hoodie today! Granted, I still had on capris and flip flops, but it was ideal. I love that I can wear shorts to go play volleyball, or jeans and my boots to run errands in - either is perfectly fine at the moment in AZ.

6. Trying to grit my teeth and be grateful that I get to go on M's field trip as a chaperone on Friday, even when I have so many things to do. Ugh. No, really, I'm totally grateful she WANTS me to go.

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