The Creative Process

Why is it that the best ideas come between midnight and 2am?? Or is that just when they SEEM like good ideas because I'm so tired? Ha!

I'm feeling triumphant today, mostly because 1) I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE! I FINALLY BEAT IT! and 2) I finished Dove's newsletter in just a couple of hours and 3) I had a copywriting job this week that seemed pretty daunting at first because I am SO SO SO out of practice at writing, but I finally banged it out this morning and I'm pretty relieved and happy with the results. Hopefully the client will be too. We'll see in a couple of weeks, I guess, at toscanoliving.com!

Can I just say how much I LOVE when projects like this fall into my lap and that people will pay me to work in my pjs? Granted, I spent the last two days without showering in the same set of clothes (did I just admit that?) and Manda played a whole lot on the computer this week, but I really do enjoy my work. It completely makes me feel alive, like I'm really a functioning human who has something more to offer than cleaning a kitchen floor!


bryn said...

kudos to you. there is nothing like a job that helps your brain feel alive. and pj's for two days, no biggie!

Anonymous said...

Regarding great ideas in the early morning hours, I have heard that when you sleep and go through the REM process, your brain actually is performing the computer equivalent of "defragmenting the hard drive". The brain is sorting and categorizing information so you can think and process information better.

Thus the importance of a good night sleep. As for the consequences from lack of sleep, please refer to Britney Spears' latest four day, Red Bull-fueled bender without sleep and the resulting insanity. Point proved!

Brooke said...

Thank goodness for sleep!

Power sleep--that's the key!