Thank you, Mrs. President.

I had a dream last night that the first lady — not sure if it was Laura Bush or not, but I think so — came to my house (except I think it was the house I grew up in, not the one I live in now), along with the president. Mr. Pres left early with Secret Service because he was on his phone and then WAITED IN THE LIMO for her as we discussed scrapbooking, of all things. I showed her all of the cool things about Close To My Heart products and acrylic stamps. She was thrilled, and told me she was definitely coming to ladies night out next time (Did she think we stamp there? I should have clarified.) I woke up with a desire to do a card party! Do you think if I invite Laura she'd come? I DID send her home with a catalog, you know!

What's the craziest dream you've had lately?


The Malone's said...

I thought we were going to have a card party? Wasn't I going to be your host?

Anonymous said...

How wierd! Did you happen to ask Bush whether he is endorsing Obama or McCain in November