Separation Anxiety Pains.

1. Josh, missing me. This kid is making it rough on me! Josh keeps freaking out in the babysitting room of the gym - - so after a few minutes of him crying, the lady comes to get me, ending my workout short. Yesterday? 20 minutes. Today? TEN MINUTES! Sheesh! Like it's not hard enough as it is to get motivated, dressed, load the kids up and drive all the way to the gym??? He's been a little stressed every time I've left him at friends' houses lately too - how do I get him over this? I REFUSE to have a momma's boy! Sigh.

2. Allison, missing Karen. The little girl that lives two doors down from us is moving away this weekend. My girls play with her every single day, for hours. She's sweet, helpful... and respects us and our rules. Allison woke up sobbing in the middle of the night last night, hysterical that her... best... friend... was... lea...ving...in... three... daaaaaaaayyyyssssss. Double sigh.

3. Me, missing an entertainment center. Methinks we got a bit in a hurry with this whole process, and now we're without an entertainment center for at least a month. Who knew it would sell so soon?? Triple sigh.


The Malone's said...

Oh the woes of the Carter family. I wish I could help you out, but alas, I can't be a subsitute for the great mom you are, hence Josh wants to be with you. Poor Allison, if only another cute girl will move next door. And finally, what you haven't bought your big screen tv and stand yet?

Courtney said...

1. I read that babies have seperation anxiety anywhere from 7 mos. to 18 mos. It is totally a stage he will grow out of.

2. I remember bawling when my friends would move and thinking it was the end of the world....just tell her they can become pen pals...I know Alison loves mail and making cards!


Amberly said...

1. he's going to have to wail once in a while... I don't know how else to get them over it!

2. let's use the law of attraction and get a great family with great kids to move in across the street from you! and next to me...

3. if you're doing custom, get it ordered already and just enjoy your bean bag for now!

Sandi said...

I am not going to bore you with sage advice here. Just let you know, I read, I understood, I care. If you need more than that, call :-)

Stephens Family said...

Bring him to me!! He will have SO much fun with crazy Dylan he won't know what hit him!!! And come on...mama boys are the BEST!