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I am typing away at the moment as Allison is reading books to Amanda in bed. Happy sigh. She loves to read and write! I'm thrilled! There have been some unfortunate events in her teacher's life this school year, which many parents I know have complained about and criticized the school for not "replacing" her. This makes me sad, because

1) the circumstances were completely out of her control, and
2) I don't believe the kindergarten class has suffered a BIT with her absence, and the excess of substitutes this year, and
3) she loves these kids, and hates every day she's been gone. She's back tomorrow. Yippee!

SImple fact is, the curriculum is fantastic, the pace has been good, the school and its staff are organized, the kids are behaving well for a teacher they adore, and they are absorbing the material wonderfully.

There was a gun scare about a month ago at the school - some 7th grader brought a rusty handgun to campus. No ammunition, no harm done - but the student was immediately expelled, charges brought against him, and every other student who knew about it and didn't instantly report it was suspended for like 2 weeks. Impressive display of "no tolerance" in my book!

Yep, this school is definitely a keeper. Now if only Manda's birthday was in AUGUST instead of September... darn! She'll be waiting another year to wear a cute little uniform and go to Allison's school. In the meantime, my darling friend Janna is continuing her preschool, which I'm sure will be even bigger and better than it was this year, and will lead wonderfully into kindergarten.

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