Rough Night.

I think Josh has been hanging around Finn too much, and he's been a bad influence! We were up for HOURS last night feeding, changing, getting thrown up on, rocking, getting thrown up on again, changing... NOT sick, NOT coughing, NO fever... What the?? For a kid that's been sleeping through the night for SIX MONTHS, this is just wrong, wrong WRONG! I am wiped out today! I am thankful, however, that Josh saved most of it to spew all over Nick, and not in his bed, my bed, on the floor, or in my hair... which would have required much more effort to clean up!


Amberly said...

does teething make the kid nauseated?? no fever?? strange... get that one worked out quick, I don't want it trickling down the street!

The Malone's said...

Hey, Finn is a great influence, no point in partying by ourselves over here, lets make it a sleep over! Of course, your house is bigger so you can handle both boys!