So appropriate for this house...

I am Cinderella, who are you??
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Dignified and hard working. With a gentle and soft-spoken manner you have something many people don't. Patience. Even through the moments of heartbreak you're still able to hold onto all of your hopes and dreams. Bide your time; your dream will come true.

Which Disney Princess Are You?


Sandi said...

Oh, no, I came out Ariel. I don't like Ariel she is disobedient and her father is a whimp. It's a good thing their explanation is positive or I would have to retake the quiz.

"You Are Ariel! Headstrong and fiesty. You have a mind of your own that's full of romantic dreams about the world around you. Exploring exotic places is your ultimate dream, and although you can be a little naive you'll realize that there is something to be gained from your family's wisdom."

Nick & Amanda Long said...

Apparently, I am snow white. I don't know about that!

The Malone's said...

Dude, I'm Snow White, Could I possibly get anymore of an annoying character? I mean come one already! Oh well, I guess I am too trusting and love to whistle while I work!

Marianne said...

How fun to stumble onto your blog (from Natalie's). It's been fun reading about/seeing your family. I feel more connected.

Also, I must tell you that the "Mormon Husband" blog is my best friend's husband's blog!! What a small world. :O)